Just wanted to inform you that our recent cd release of 'None of This Was Ever Real' is available at some very kind record shops around the Metro Detroit area. You can find them at stormy records, Dearborn Music, UHF, FOUND SOUND, Street Corner Music, and Lo & Behold! Records & Books. We highly recommend you to shop at these fine establishments, they are owned and operated by some great folks!
Our latest album 'None Of This Was Ever Real' is available for purchase on Bandcamp. They should be in local stores soon. We will post updates on where to get them. Until then, please contact us here if you would like to purchase one.
After selling out of our original printing, we are currently printing more copies of our 2010 self titled album. You can get the digital download for $4 now at Bandcamp. We should have more copies available by the time the new album comes out.
Jura now has a station on Pandora:
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Last Night I Dreamt I Was One With The Sea:
"...musical style of Jura which features electric rock instrumentation, punk influences, repetitive melodic phrasing, extensive vamping and a twelve-eight time signature."
We are working on new material and are expecting to be releasing a new album in early 2015. Stay tuned for release date and show...
Our first relase, 2006's Angry Sea E.P. is now available for download at bandcamp. www.jura.bandcamp.com/album/angry-sea-e-p
Jura creates consummate post rock, with soothing, swirled rushes. Meditative and dreamy; packed with shimmering guitars, buzzing drawls and humming cosmic quarries of rounding delicate roars. This Detroit trio lays it down, stretches it out and slowly swirls it around the space. This is patient, poignant, staggering; the middle ground of classical shoegaze reverb and C-86's dark sparkle. Perhaps t...